Friday, 4 April 2014

Evaluation for Media - Captive

Captive title sequence 002

This is my second draft of the title sequence we used the criticisms from the feedback and made changes to the sequence to improve it.I believe that with a few small touches to our title sequence that it will be ready for our deadline, such as we had ended up deleting a crew title in the editing process so we have got to put this back on.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Final Editing Changes to Title Sequence

In Monday's lesson we decided to make final changes and see how we make our title sequence the best it can be before the deadline on Friday. 

When looking through our title sequence with the new scenes we had added of Christian's character 'The Doctor' at the very beginning with the scientific equipment highlighting tot he audience who his character is. We wanted to increases his medical title and we decided to add a filter on to the footage we chose, Bad Film. This was to identify the doctor to the audience clearly as this to be in the past and a flashback of his career to the other footage which has no filter.

As we began to get to the ending of the title sequence we decided to change the editing of when the Doctor is following Maria down the road. Prior to the change of this section of the title sequence the footage of him walking forward was repeated using a dissolve to carry on the repeat. When we had decided we wanted to remove this, are reasons for doing this was that it had a ghostly feel to it which is not really seen in the Thriller genre.Then we made the decision to change it by having fast jump cuts to the footage to show his eagerness and desire of Maria to create a more sinister and creepy atmosphere.

By making these small changes to are title sequence has made me feel more comfortable and confident with the title sequence and totally befits the codes and conventions of a Thriller.

Communicating Online - Facebook

From the very first day of are title sequence coursework we created a Facebook group chat to communicate easily and quickly with new ideas to planning when we can all meet up to film. This has been an on going chat and has really helped us throughout this course. 

Captive Voiceover - Final Edit

Lucy uploaded our final voiceover for the title sequence on to sound cloud so everyone had easy access to it downloading it. I really like the title sequence and believe it was the best it could be,however it is sad that it does not fit perfectly in with the title sequence and doesn't help with the storyline like we thought it would of. The quality of the voice over is to a high standard because it was recorded in the music recording studio and was edited on a Mac (on LogicPro). Also Christian was in charge of editing the voice over and he done a very good job at it,effects were added to the voice over both characters Maria and the Doctor to create a strange and mysterious feel. Sadly we are not including this vpice over in our final title sequence.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Shooting New Scenes

In Friday's lesson we decided to take the the feedback seriously to improve our title sequence. We had time restraints on how long we were able to film/reshoot Christian's doctor characters new scenes. The decision was made to go a science lab class room in the school and use that to film in, luckily the equipment and environment was pleasing considering the lack of time we faced. 
Before we reshot we decided that this footage would be the new opening for the title sequence, this was because we wanted the audience to have thoughts and create their own ideas about this doctor before the story was shown. It is also before the cast and crew credits appear on screen. This increases our title sequence running time which was a benefit because of it only being 1:36 and the limit was 2 minutes so this has out me and my group in a more comfortable position. 

I strongly think that with this new footage we have improved the understanding of the what the film could be about to the audience and them being able to clearly identify the character of the doctor. This is because the use of scientific equipment such as: the syringe, test tubes and plastic rubber gloves.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Feedback on First Draft of Title Sequence

In Wednesday's lesson feedback sheets were hand out to all class mates to fill out on each groups title sequence which was everyone's first draft. Once our title sequence had finished playing the others had time to fill out their sheets then we discussed the feedback together,there were 4 sections to the feedback sheet : The rating of the sequence (out of 3 stars), The elements that work , Things that need developing and Things that don't work.
The overall feedback from the class was positive none believed it needed serious work which was happily appreciated by the group.

The main things that worked that people commented on was :the music, the shots and the black and white filter, I believe these are all things we have worked very hard on doing well and developing the most at and this has been noticed which makes me feel positive about our piece. 
In addition the things that people thought needed developing where: the voice over and the storyline. From receiving this constructive criticism we had a group discussion on these two areas that had been identified and we chose to delete the voice over from the title sequence as we were unsure once editing the sequence if it really helped or actually confused the story. The storyline was not said to be clearly shown in the title sequence but when we explained it to the other members of the different groups they understood. One comment was to add my evidence of the male character being a doctor. Yet again we discussed this idea and we plan to do some shooting of this in school in the science labs in Friday's lesson.
Finally the last section of the feedback sheet was the things that did not work only one main things were pointed out on this subject. Firstly one person thought that the typography which included all our group names for the title sequence designers and casting by was too. We as a group agreed with this and Sophie straight away went away and recreated these two crew names and she made up her own. 

I have chosen three of the six feedback sheets to add to this blog: